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We hear it every day. Your customer just called to tell you that the new tile you just installed for them is slippery. They want you to do something about it. Whether the situation is hostile or you just want to help these folks, you do have options.

Tile that is unsealed can be chemically treated with our non slip material to improve friction under wet or dry conditions. Our Slip Zero product line was engineered to ensure that the look of the tile would not be affected by this non slip tile treatment. With three different formulas, each suited to a specific type of tile; you can rest assured that there is a non skid solution for your customer.

Tile that is already sealed can be coated with our anti slip floor paint, SolidStepCote, which is available in four levels of slip resistance. This product can be purchased in either a gloss or matte finish and looks fabulous over any flooring type.  

Deliver a solution for your concerned customers that they will truly appreciate. They won’t forget it!

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