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DIY television programs, home design websites, and inspiration pages offer myriad ways to create your dream kitchen. Breathe that designer kitchen to life from the ground up, with an initial focus on flooring.

Today, we’ll visit three flooring surfaces causing quite a buzz in the realm of home design. We will also reveal the easiest ways to make these surfaces safe for family and visitors, so you can enjoy the aesthetics of your fabulous kitchen floor without the threat of a slip-and-fall accident. The kitchen is, after all, commonly considered the busiest room in the home. Don’t you deserve a floor you adore?

Concrete. Perhaps an urban, industrial feel is what you’re after. You can’t go wrong with the affordable and durable option of concrete. This adaptable material can be honed or polished to fit any style of your choice. In kitchen spaces, concrete is commonly stained and sealed for that dramatic, glossy glow. Many homeowners with children and pets choose this material for its sought-after toughness. Human and critter paws alike can step confidently on concrete when a suitable non-slip sealer is applied, such as SolidStepCote. (For homeowners with a primary concern of aesthetics, consider SolidStepCote Level 1. For those with safety concerns, consider SolidStepCote Level 2.)

Travertine. If updating your kitchen flooring means UPGRADING, then pursue luxurious travertine. When this stone forms, minerals mix together to create a variety of unique streaks and patterns, with truly exceptional results. Due to its porous nature, many homeowners opt to seal travertine to protect against stains. Avoid the extra cost of sealing travertine (as well as the cost associated with a slip-and-fall accident) by using a sealant with an anti slip treatment property, such as SolidStepCote Level 2.

Porcelain. A classic kitchen flooring material that never goes out of style. While neutral, basic options may come to mind, today’s porcelain tile choices reflect just about any size, color, texture, and pattern you can dream up – and you’ll love the price tag! To keep this affordable flooring non skid with every step, consider Slip Resistant Solutions’ line of tile treatment products.

So, whether you want to bask in the color-rich flecks of natural stone or enjoy the feel of an urban oasis with concrete, know that there are special products available to help you love and LIVE in your home spaces. For more safety floor treatment suggestions, visit, or give us a call at 1-800-741-4021. Our friendly, family-owned business is here to answer your questions.