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Businesses and homeowners are looking for a clear non slip concrete floor paint or a product that can be used to make these concrete floors safe. They are looking for a product that they can apply to their own concrete to make it safe whether it is wet or dry. The best, clear non skid floor paint that we have found is called SolidStepCote.

SolidStepCote is available in four levels of slip resistance and is painted onto the surface with a 1/8th inch nap paint roller.  It dries crystal clear and is available in a gloss or matte finish to enhance the beauty of concrete, stamped concrete, sealed concrete, and other floor types as well.  This anti slip coating for concrete will cure and be ready for full use in 24 hrs, and will last from one to several years depending on traffic types.  

Apply SolidStepCote, our anti slip concrete coating, to your concrete floors to eliminate the danger of slip and fall accidents, once and for all.

For complete installation instructions for Solid Step Cote click here.