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Kitchen floor tile can be made non slip!

We have treated all of the kitchens on the Disney complex with Slip Zero Level 3

What this product does is etch the quarry tile floor surface to obtain an adequate coefficient of friction to prevent slip and fall accidents. We can usually achieve a rating of 0.75 on all commercial kitchens. Once this is done the surface is permanently etched and will remain slip resistant if properly cleaned.

Slip Zero Level 3:

  • treats 350 - 400 square feet per gallon
  • neutralizer is included
  • used for quarry tile (kitchen floor tile) found in restaurant and commercial kitchens
  • Price is $89..00 per gallon ($79.00 for 10 or more gallons)

The etching is permanent. The kitchen floor tile will remain permanently slip resistant if it is cleaned with the proper commercial degreasers. Greasy kitchen floors can certainly lead to slip and fall accidents. The proper degreasers will emulsify the build up of grease on the floor. It is the buildup of grease and soaps that make the floor slippery. If that coating is removed with our degreaser then it will remain slip resistant.

The commercial degreaser that we sell is a concentrate. It can be diluted to treat 15,000 square feet. The first time you use it you will not dilute it as much to really get your kitchen floor tile clean. After that, you should put a capfull of the commercial degreaser into the mop water any time you are cleaning.

Every effort to promote commercial kitchen floor safety will help with slip and fall lawsuits. A record of floor treatment and cleaning proceedures will help to defend against costly slip and fall lawsuits.

If you have questions about your nursing home or hospital kitchen or any commercial kitchen.... 1 800 741 4024.