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The season of hot summer fun is winding down. As the kids head back to the classroom and leave those leisurely sun-soaked days behind them, residential and commercial pool owners have quite the task ahead – properly closing down the pool for the season.

Most owners know the list of pool care and maintenance items for closing can be extensive. But winterizing the pool is a great time to add a few safety features to your warm weather party pad.

Patio surfaces. The chance of a slip and fall accident is far greater around a wet surface such as a pool deck or patio. Tile and stone surfaces can be chemically treated for a long-term solution for slippery pool decks. Unsealed surfaces, such as ceramic tile, terrazzo, and travertine, can all benefit from Slip Resistant Solutions’ line of long lasting non skid products. These anti slip treatment products leave no visible changes to the pool deck material with the naked eye. Sealed surfaces can also reap similar safety benefits with the use of a crystal clear anti slip decking paint, such as SolidStepCote. This non-slip sealer is available in various levels suitable for any slippery pool deck material.

Pool stairs and steps. When the pool is drained for winterization a non-slip coating can be applied to pool stairs and steps. An easy to apply coating such as SolidStepCote serves up an additional layer of friction and extra protection from these often slick pool surfaces.

Pool ladders, handrails, and grab bars. Do those metal bars your swimmers rely on to safely enter and exit the pool offer friction for wet hands? The affordable alternative to pre-texturized bars and handrails is the application of LiquiGrip, a crystal clear coating that can easily be applied with a foam or bristle brush.

When you think about all that goes into closing your pool, consider a few extra safety features that will have your pool ready to go with the start of the next season, and for years to come. With few a little DIY projects, it’s easy to protect your property, along with all those splashing guests!

For more information on Slip Resistant Solutions’ etching and sealing products for your residential or commercial pool, visit When you call us at 1-800-741-4024, a member of our family-owned business will speak with you directly, ensuring you’re on the way to a slip-free summer oasis.