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Commercial and residential spaces can always use a touch of safety. When it comes to stairways, stairwells, entryways, hallways and any other area where slippery flooring exists, increasing the coefficient of friction is essential. Avoid the costly, dangerous and sometimes fatal repercussions of slip and fall accidents on your property.

If you’ve wondered about using non skid tape to address your indoor or outdoor slick floor surfaces, consider a better, longer-lasting option instead. Whether you have industrial flooring in your warehouse or outdoor wood stairs than become slippery when wet, Slip Resistant Solutions offers affordable answers to turn surfaces into non slip flooring.

SolidStepCote is a clear, long-lasting sealer and coating product that adds grit under foot and can be applied to ANY hard surface. Available in four levels of slip resistance and the option of matte or gloss finish, you can now add non skid protection without giving up the good looks of your flooring material. For water-prone areas, we recommend Level 4 of this wonderful anti slip paint on product. Does your surface have a sealer? Consider a quality bonding agent, UniBond 110, to ensure proper adhesion with the coating treatment.

Why would you cover up those beautiful floors with sticky, unattractive strips of sandy tape? For more details visit or email us with your slippery situation at