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The months of October and November bring a myriad of weather patterns, typically unpredictable. Depending on where you call home, rain and snow tracked in from outside can be real hazard for you, your family and visitors. Isn’t it time to end the threat of a slip and fall accident?

Slick tile?

Whether you have porcelain, ceramic or natural tile, there is an easy DIY fix to turn slippery tile into non slip flooring. Slip Zero from Slip Resistant Solutions gently increases the coefficient of friction on your slick tile, adding traction under foot. Through proper testing, you can achieve the coefficient of friction you desire. Through gentle etching, your tile surfaces become non skid WITHOUT changing the look and beauty of the tile. You won’t need to sacrifice safety or aesthetics with this easy-to-use treatment.

From entryways, hallways, bathrooms, kitchens or anywhere else, there is a Slip Zero formula that can treat your trouble tile surface. Enjoy friends and family with safety in mind this fall season and beyond. For more info, visit or email us at