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The tile is perfect in every way except one. It falls short of the required coefficient of friction… Fret not! That tile can be treated to be non-slip after installation for very little money, and you’ll win on all fronts!

Remember in chemistry class when you were falling asleep listening to the lecture on acids and bases? I don’t either… But, here is the deal. You can treat tile to make it non-slip using our Slip Zero (a very mild acidic formula), which creates a microscopic abrasion on the surface of the tile, thereby increasing the COF. This change is so subtle it won’t even affect the sheen on highly polished surfaces such as marble or granite.

We’ve been using the product since 1981 to treat floors for The Smithsonian Institute, Disney, Hilton, Holiday Inn, and on and on.

Still not sure? Send us a tile, we’ll treat it and send it back to you for your review!

Join the revolution against slippery floors and add this amazing tool to your design toolbox!