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We have a non slip floor coating that is perfect for tile or any floors that have a sealer on them. This floor sealer is anti skid and will make your floors very safe. This product can be used on almost any surface. This would include wood, fiberglass, glass, all tiles and marble, terrazzo and granite. Sealed travertine can be treated with this non slip coating as well:

SolidStepCote comes in either a matte finish or a gloss finish. This anti skid floor paint comes in four levels so you can make make a choice on how much texture you want for your surface.

We recommend that you apply two coats of this coating for a more consistent coverage, and longer lasting results. 

We recommend that a coat of primer is applied when going over a oil based sealer, a heavily soiled area, or on surfaces that have been greasy and/or oily. The primer is called Unibond110.