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What are your plans this Labor Day weekend? While many will use that extra day to soak up the last days of summer, others will use the time to get their home in order. Prepare for the precipitation of the coming fall and winter months and make your front stairs and entryway surfaces non skid for everyone.

A slip and fall hazard can ruin a perfect celebration with family and friends. It can also be a liability concern with any house visitor – from solicitors, delivery people or just the kid across the street selling magazines. While a rubber-backed non slip mat may seem like an effective solution, even it can create a trip hazard when welcoming guests. Protect those you love and your investment with an effective slick floor solution for slippery front stairs and entryways.

Stone Tile, Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile

If your entryway or entry walk surfaces are stone, ceramic or porcelain tile, consider a simple treatment process to turn the slickest underfoot threats into non slip tile. Through a gentle abrasion process that will not harm the aesthetics and beauty of your favorite surfaces, you can increase the coefficient of friction on the most slippery hard flooring. Slip Zero from Slip Resistant Solutions is an affordable treatment available in three unique types based on the trouble material you have. To learn how easy it is to turn your slippery stone and slick tile into non slip flooring, click here.

Pre-Sealed Tiles, Concrete and More

For tile or stone surfaces that are already sealed, or any other hard surface such as concrete or brick, consider adding some grit under foot. SolidStepCote is a clear, anti slip coating and sealer in one, offering up four levels of slip resistance and the option of matte or gloss finish to address your non slip needs. This silica-based grip paint is easy to apply, and won’t alter the look of your favorite front entrance and walk areas.

As visitors come and go this fall and winter, rest assured their steps are safer with the easy DIY line from Slip Resistant Solutions. Have questions about your trouble surface? Email us directly at and we’ll help you find the best product for your application.