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Doing a slip test is not difficult if you have the right equipment!! You can easily measure the coefficient of friction whether the floor is wet or dry. These meters measure both wet and dry surfaces easily.

We recommend the American Slip Meter. This meter is light weight and comes in a compact carrying case. The slip test can be done both before and after floor treatment to verify the results of Slip Resistant Floor Treatment Products.


  • One American Slip Meter
  • Instruction/Info Book with conversion chart for metric unit
  • Safety log worksheet
  • Accessory Container
  • Glue (for neolite sensors)
  • Carrying case
  • Two control Activator Lines
  • One calibration chain
  • One sensor cleaning brush
  • Nine sensor retainer with three sets of feet
  • 15 Neolite Sensors
  • 1 sheet of 400 Grit Silicon Carbine Wet Dry Sandpaper (for cleaning feet)