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Summer is winding down which means parents will soon find themselves stocking up on pencils and protractors. The back to school rush can be a frantic time, and once school seasons begins, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Before the start of semester, take a look around your home and check off a few DIY projects before the endless cycle of extracurricular activities and homework help ensue.

Is that hallway a slippery disaster every time is rains or snows? Does your master bathroom flooring create a slip and fall hazard for you and family? There’s an easy, affordable safety project you can complete quickly and feel good about. Slick hard surfaces can be effectively treated by the complete line of DIY products from Slip Resistant Solutions. There’s a solution for your slippery tile, concrete, hardwood, laminate and natural stone surfaces.

Slippery polished porcelain tile or polished stone tile

No matter where the beautiful tile surface is in your home or business, polished surfaces can be a real slick nightmare for feet that walk across it. You can retain that beautiful shiny surface while adding non skid protection with Slip Zero Level 1. Through microscopic etching, the coefficient of friction on slippery polished tile can be increased, making the surface safe for all who walk on it. Each gallon bottle will cover approximately 400 square feet and costs only $59 (plus shipping).

Slippery unpolished porcelain tile, ceramic tile, travertine tile, terrazzo tile and other tile surfaces

For all other unpolished tile surfaces, Slip Zero Level 2 is an easy way to make your hard tile surface safer for family and guests. Just as the Level 1 product gently etches to create a non skid flooring surface, Slip Zero Level 2 is the appropriate formula to add safety to your unpolished tile surfaces without altering the beauty and looks of your beloved flooring. Offered at the same affordable price point listed above, it’s the simple, do-it-yourself answer to all of your slick floor woes. For info on how both Slip Zero products are applied, click here!

Slippery vinyl, wood, concrete and all other hard surfaces

For all other slippery flooring, consider the easy-to-apply coating and sealer SolidStepCote. Available in four levels of slip resistance and the option of clear or matte, you can retain the gorgeous flooring you originally chose without sacrificing safety. Add gritty texture of silica beads without the harshness and unattractive appearance of sandy paint alternatives. Plus, you don’t have to worry about adding the right amount of aggregate – with SolidStepCote, the grit is already inside the bottle! To learn more about the application of SolidStepCote, click here.

Making your flooring non slip is an easy project you can conquer in no time! For more info about our non skid flooring product line, visit or email us at