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We all love the look and functionality of polished concrete floors! That gleaming floor reflects light like a smooth pond on a still summer evening. Often though, once water is tracked in, it can be as slippery as a pond that is frozen over!

If you have slippery sealed polished concrete and want to end the slip and fall hazard that came with it, check out our SolidStepCote line of non slip sealers for concrete. It can provide you with a layer of anti slip protection that can be applied right over the existing sealer. SolidStepCote is crystal clear, UV stable and will stand up well to chemical and mechanical abrasion.

If you haven’t sealed your slippery polished concrete yet, but you want to, SolidStepCote is a non slip sealer, so save yourself some money and time, and seal that concrete with something that isn’t going to create a slip hazard!

Enjoy the beauty of polished concrete without the slip and fall hazard with SolidStepCote!