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Slippery Tile Shower Floors

According to statistics, there are over 200,000 slip and fall accidents per year in the bathroom. Most folks are disgusted by moldy shower mats that collect fungus, bacteria, skin cells, etc., and they don't want to cover up their beautiful tile shower floor! We have anti slip products that will work in any shower, and [...]

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Non Slip Wood Coating

Slip Resistant Solutions offers a non-slip wood coating that works on unpainted wood or wood that has been painted or sealed.This wood floor sealer is easy to apply, dries crystal clear, and provides safety with a non slip surface. It also protects the wood from the elements.Indoors Solid Step Cote #2 is perfect as a [...]

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Non Slip Solutions For Business

Businesses need non slip solutions to protect from the costly repercussions associated with slip and fall accident liability. Slip Resistant Solutions has the answer. We offer products for business owners to easily treat their own floors to make them slip resistant. The non slip floor treatment products will raise the coefficient of friction on floors [...]

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Questions About Slippery Floors

1. What kind of surfaces do you have products for? (the first group listed below will use the Slip Resistant Solutions Floor Safety Products)Ceramic Tile FloorsQuarry Tile FloorsPolished Marble FloorsPolished granite FloorsPolished Porcelain FloorsTerrazzo FloorsTravertine Tile FloorsPorcelain BathtubsSwimming Pool DecksWe also have non slip coatings for the following surfaces: (if you have questions about these [...]

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Anti Slip Floor Coating

We have a non slip floor coating that is perfect for tile or any floors that have a sealer on them. This floor sealer is anti skid and will make your floors very safe. This product can be used on almost any surface. This would include wood, fiberglass, glass, all tiles and marble, terrazzo and [...]

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American Slip Meter - Slip Test

Doing a slip test is not difficult if you have the right equipment!! You can easily measure the coefficient of friction whether the floor is wet or dry. These meters measure both wet and dry surfaces easily. We recommend the American Slip Meter. This meter is light weight and comes in a compact carrying case. [...]

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Non Slip Bathtub Solutions for Home, Hotels and Healthcare Facilities

Do you have a slippery porcelain or fiberglass bathtub?Slippery bathtub accidents are a leading cause of injuries in the home and cost hotels, healthcare providers and other businesses millions each year. Some manufacturers now make non slip tubs, but who can afford to replace every tub? You can add safety elements to your bathtub using [...]

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Commercial Degreaser and The Restaurant Kitchen Floor

Kitchen floor tile can be made non slip!We have treated all of the kitchens on the Disney complex with Slip Zero Level 3What this product does is etch the quarry tile floor surface to obtain an adequate coefficient of friction to prevent slip and fall accidents. We can usually achieve a rating of 0.75 on all [...]

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Non Slip Terrazzo Floor

Terrazzo floors are very popular but they can be slippery, but can be made to be non slip terrazzo floors with our Slip Zero Level 2 formula. One gallon treats up to 400 square feetNeutralizer is included in the shipmentLasts indefinitelyShips within 24 hoursCosts $89.00 per gallon or $79.00 for more than ten gallonsTo Order Slip Resistant [...]

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Fix Slippery Travertine Floors

It is easy to fix slippery travertine floors, or pool decks!If you do not have a sealer on your travertine tile, then you can use Slip Zero Level 2 to treat the travertine to make it anti skid. This product will not make the travertine pool look any different but it will make it safe. It [...]

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