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Non Slip Coating Questions

We have anti slip floor coating products that work on the following surface types:ConcretePainted ConcretePaversWoodFiberglassFiberglass BathtubsAny surface with a slippery sealer (It can go over the sealer)Man made marble, synthetic marble or cultured marbleHere are some questions that we get about the product for these floors:1. What is this product? This product is an anti [...]

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Non Slip Clear Boat Paint Coating

A slippery boat deck can sure cause slip and fall accidents. Not only is the fiberglass slippery but boating involves water, fish, horseplay, and sun-tan lotions or oil.  "No horseplay" policies can not be enforced at all times!  Slip and falls on boats are especially dangerous!Our non skid boat paint is made especially for fiberglass [...]

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Non Skid Tape

One method your grandpa probably used to make slippery floors safe back in the 80's was the use of non skid tape. Non slip tape works great on skateboards, and it will improve safety on stairs or floors, but it is not aesthetically pleasing.  Technology has come a long way in the non-slip world!  If [...]

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Non Slip Socks

Non slip socks (otherwise known as gripper socks) are available for adults, kids, babies and even dogs!! They come in cotton and wool and other fabric combinations as well.  Recently, my wife was kept overnight in the hospital and was issued a pair of non skid socks.  Non slip socks are great for preventing slip [...]

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Slip Resistant Solutions Testimonials

The product was formulated in 1981. We have had a long history with the product and have continually improved our methods. We have treated floors for many companies that you may know. Some of them are Winn Dixie Grocery, Disney, Busch Gardens, Pinellas County Schools, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many car dealerships with tile floors, many [...]

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Slip and Fall Settlements

It is easy to put off concern about slip and fall accidents. But it really should not be when you consider the cost of slip and fall settlements. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than one million people seek medical attention from a hospital emergency room for slip-and-fall accidents each year. More than [...]

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Fake Slip and Fall Accidents

In recent years fake slip and fall claims have been on the rise. These false slip and fall claims cost all of us money.What happens is that stores quickly settle these claims so that they can avoid paying high attorney fees for litigation. In doing this the cost of business goes up. The cost of [...]

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Safety Equipment For Floor Treatment

It is important for you to be safe while making your floors safe!The first recommendation for safety equipment for floor treatment is that the person doing the application wear rubber boots, eye protection and rubber gloves.Remember, these are chemicals and should not get on the skin or eyes. Wear long sleeves and long pants. In the [...]

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Brick Paver Sealer Non Slip

Brick pavers look so nice when they have a brick paver sealer on them! They are easier to clean as well. The problem is that when you put a glossy sealer on the surface it can be very slippery when wet!We have the answer to this problem. We have a great brick sealer, SolidStepCote, that can go [...]

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Slippery Granite Tile Floors

Granite tile floors can often become very slippery and especially if they are in an area where they become wet. Granite tile can be found both indoors and outdoors.There are two important things to think about when trying to make granite tile floors non slip. The first thing is whether you have slippery granite tile [...]

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