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A Clear Solution to Slippery Sealed Polished Concrete!

We all love the look and functionality of polished concrete floors! That gleaming floor reflects light like a smooth pond on a still summer evening. Often though, once water is tracked in, it can be as slippery as a pond that is frozen over!If you have slippery sealed polished concrete and want to end the slip and fall hazard [...]

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Do You Need Non-Slip?

Purchase DIY non-slip products for tile, stone, wood, vinyl, laminate, and concrete at Slip Resistant Solutions, Inc!www.slipresistantsolutions.com

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Is This Tile Available in Non-Slip? YES!

With the influx of “non-slip tiles” coming into the market, customers are seeking a safer option, but with limited choices in the non-slip tile offerings the customer must compromise on their design tastes. This situation can send your customers elsewhere in search of non slip tiles that meet their design needs. Don’t let this sale slip through the cracks!Offer [...]

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“That Floor is Slicker Than Snot!”

How many times have you been told that your floor is slippery? Did you know that there is a solution to the problem? No matter what kind of slippery surface you have, indoors or out, Slip Resistant Solutions has a fix. Slippery tile? Purchase Slip Zero, our non-slip treatment for tile or stone that we have been using since [...]

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Introducing Slip Zero – Tile Floor Treatment!

Slip Resistant Solutions is excited to announce the rebranding of our 35-year-old product previously named Safety Floor Treatment. This unique product has been used to treat slippery tile, slippery stone, and slippery porcelain bathtubs all over the world with outstanding results. This new branding will offer better name recognition and allows us to more clearly [...]

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Architects: Spec a Non-Slip Treatment For That Borderline Slippery Tile

The tile is perfect in every way except one. It falls short of the required coefficient of friction… Fret not! That tile can be treated to be non-slip after installation for very little money, and you’ll win on all fronts!Remember in chemistry class when you were falling asleep listening to the lecture on acids and [...]

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When a Slippery Surface Compromises Your Project

The project was an astounding success! The client loves it! Three days after they’ve moved in you get a call. Someone has slipped and fallen on the tile that specified as non slip tile… Tensions are starting to rise!!!We get this call daily, and we can help you find an affordable solution that won’t change [...]

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Three Steps to Non-Slip Tile or Stone Floors

Tile and stone represent one of the most practical flooring materials available today, and they bring such amazing beauty into our homes and businesses. These fabulous materials can stand up to high traffic, spills, weather, sunshine, and just about anything else you can throw at them. It’s no wonder why these materials have been so popular for so long. [...]

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Slip And Fall Prevention

Each year thousands of older Americans slip and fall at home. It is easy to avoid slip and fall accidents by taking some simple slip and fall prevention measures.There are many simple things that can be done to make the home or business safer. Of course, we recommend that all hard surface floors and porcelain [...]

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How to Apply SolidStepCote

SolidStepCote can be applied by foam brush, roller (1/8” nap) or low pressure airless spray equipment (HVLP spray systems and a 0.025 inch tip). A gallon of SolidStepCote can provide protection over approximately 350 square feet depending on the texture and porosity of the surface. With larger surfaces a roller or spray application is recommended. [...]

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