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Swimming Pool Slip and Fall Prevention

Slip Resistant Solutions has been in the non slip business for 35 years. In that time we’ve helped thousands of people make their pool decks non slip with our proven line of DIY anti slip products!Treating your pool deck is simple and effective in reducing the likelihood of a slip and fall accident. No matter what kind of [...]

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Find Non Slip Products For Any Slippery Surface

Slip Resistant Solutions is in here helping business and homeowners find a solution for dangerous slippery floors. Our unique product line represents non slip products that don't interfere with the aesthetics of slippery floors. From slippery polished stone, travertine, ceramic tile, and porcelain to vinyl, hardwoods, concrete, and any other floor type you might have, we [...]

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Make slippery vinyl non slip with SolidStepCote

Tracking rain or snow onto vinyl can present a slip and fall hazard! If you are struggling with slippery surfaces in your home or business, take a look at SolidStepCote!You can fix slippery vinyl with our simple paint on non skid coating, SolidStepCote, in just a few easy steps! SolidStepCote is applied using a 1/8" nap [...]

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How to Apply Slip Zero

Safety: Avoid contact with skin Wear vinyl gloves and rubber bootsWear eye protection Ventilate the treatment area If ventilation is not available use a vapor-safe breathing maskBefore you begin:Gather items needed: Old towel – to lay out for tools and supplies for the jobTank sprayer or clean bucket Clean sponge mop Rubber soled shoe for testing [...]

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Slip Zero

Slip Zero is the only non-slip product for any natural tile or stone that includes a neutralizer to stop the chemical reaction in a controlled manner. This is key for demanding home and business owners who need to treat slippery tile and/or stone without sacrificing aesthetics.

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Pool Pro’s Find Solutions for Slippery Pool Decks

As if pool professionals didn’t have enough to do already, they are also being tasked with being their customers’ consultant on how to improve slip resistance on their pool deck. With such a wide range of materials used around pools, pool pro’s sometimes get stumped on what product to use to make them slip resistant. When the [...]

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Treating Slippery Pool Decks

We’ve helped thousands of customers enjoy their beautiful pool without the anxiety that comes along with knowing your pool deck is slippery. Our products for slippery swimming pool decks will eliminate slip and fall hazards without sacrificing on aesthetics!Pool decks that are made of unsealed travertine, ceramic tile, or any other natural tile or stone can be chemically treated [...]

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Most Tile Pro’s Don’t Know About This Easy Fix For Slippery Tile

For thousands of years humans have used tile and natural stone as the preferred material for flooring. The beauty and durability of these materials make them a perfect fit for this application, but if you’ve read this far you probably know, some tile and natural stone can be very slippery when wet. With advancements in polishing technologies, some [...]

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When it Absolutely Must be Beautiful AND Non Slip, call Slip Resistant Solutions

When it comes to tile and stone flooring there is no question that beauty is a major factor in the selection. The vast variety of materials available in this space offer such amazing looks, but often they come with a coefficient of friction that might introduce a slip and fall hazard.Our customers benefit from decades of non [...]

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Help Prevent A Slip and Fall Accident by Sharing This Post With Friends and Family!

We strive to reduce the number of slip and fall accidents by offering a great line of products that fix slippery floors of any kind, as well as bathtubs of any kind. What most people don’t realize is that slip and fall accidents are one of the most common causes of injury or death among those of [...]

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