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Non Slip Ceramic Tile for Bathroom, Kitchen and More

Ceramic tile is a cost-effective way to add beauty to your favorite interior spaces. However, many home and business owners often pass over this classic surface option due to its slippery nature when exposed to water and other liquids. For water-prone environments such as hallways, entryways, bathrooms, kitchens, pools and hot tubs, there is a solution to turn ceramic [...]

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Slick Pool or Patio? Avoid the Annual Upkeep with Proven Non Slip Sealer

Pool surfaces can be subjected to quite a beating. Depending on where you live, and the type of foot traffic your pool or spa patio endures, you may notice your favorite sealer can’t quite hold up. For residential or business pool owners who long for anti slip decking around pool and spa surfaces, look no further than SolidStepCote [...]

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A Home Safety Project Before the Back to School Rush

Summer is winding down which means parents will soon find themselves stocking up on pencils and protractors. The back to school rush can be a frantic time, and once school seasons begins, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Before the start of semester, take a look around your home and check off a few DIY projects [...]

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Easy Trick to Make Sealed Pool Decks Non Slip

Is your sealed pool deck a slip and fall hazard for all who walk upon it? For households and businesses frequented by small children and seniors, a slippery outdoor floor can be a real liability problem. Protect your investment and those you love with an easy-to-use sealer that adds traction to your slick sealed pool deck surface.With the choice [...]

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Safer Steps With Non Skid Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are a favorite among home and business owners seeking a classic look for outdoor and patio surfaces. But just like any outdoor area, rain or pool water can make such surfaces slippery under foot. Avoid a slip and fall accident on your property with the right DIY product to turn slick brick pavers [...]

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Turn Any Rug Into A Non Slip Rug!

When it comes to really tying a room together, nothing works quite like a rug. But with many rugs, simply laying it down on the floor is not enough. Rugs on hard surfaces, such as hardwood or tile, can be a trip and fall hazard waiting to happen. You can have the posh rug you desire in any [...]

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Treatment for Slippery, Slick Travertine Tile

Many home and business owners choose travertine as their decking material of choice for a variety of reasons. While other surfaces absorb the sun’s rays, travertine is known as the cooler option under foot – an especially helpful benefit around pool and outdoor decking areas. While it’s a little more expensive than concrete, travertine tile and travertine pavers are [...]

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Non Slip Concrete Pool Deck Sealer

Stamped concrete pool decks offer a beautiful look, affordability, and the durability of concrete make this material a fantastic choice for these outdoor spaces. However, when sealed with a traditional sealer, concrete decks can become very slippery when wet! Whether your slippery concrete pool deck is sealed or not, you can use our non slip sealer for [...]

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Non Slip for Patios, Sidewalks, and Driveways

Treat your guests to a safer experience on your patio, walkway or drive with this simple non slip coating for any type of hard surface! With aesthetics in mind, SolidStepCote will eliminate slip and fall hazards anywhere around your home while enhancing and protecting the beauty of your beloved surfaces! Since 2008, landscaping pros around the world have [...]

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Non Slip Coating for Travertine Pool Decks

The right fix for travertine pool decks is found in a clear acrylic non-slip coating, which can be applied directly to travertine, or over an existing sealer that might be a slip hazard. Our non-slip coating, SolidStepCote, will eliminate slip and fall hazards around your pool or spa and will enhance the beauty of your travertine with a glossy or [...]

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