Hello, and welcome to Slip Resistant Solutions!  We carry a variety of products designed to improve friction on all types of slippery surfaces in all types of environments.  If your floor is slippery, we have a solution for you!  From decorative wood stairs, to shop floors covered in oil, we've got everything you will need to solve your slippery situation yourself, and at an affordable price.  Our products are simple to use and don't require any special tools.

We offer treatment products for natural tile and stone as well as coating products for wood, fiberglass, painted concrete, and all other types of floors. We also carry a product for those slippery rugs! Our products are backed by our money back guarantee!  If you test our product within 30 days and the results are not satisfactory you can return the unused portion of the product for a full refund!

Slip Resistant Solutions has been the leading provider of Do-It-Yourself non-slip treatment products since 2008, but our story doesn't start there.  In the early 1980's, the formulas for our tile and stone treatment products were first engineered and tested by one of the founders of Slip Resistant Solutions, Jack O'Connor.  Jack was in the carpet cleaning business in Florida, and was approched by many home and business owners about treating their slippery tile floors.

Jack worked diligently developing, tweaking, and improving a formula which would react with minerals in the tile surface to create a non-slip surface without changing the appearance of the tile.  He began using this formula in homes and business all over Florida with great success. For two decades Jack eliminated slip and fall hazards performing the treatments as a service.  Seeing the potential that this formula had in the global DIY market, Jack and Lynda Logan built a website to offer the products for sale to the public. Today, our tile and stone treatment products have eliminated slip and fall issues for thousands of homeowners and businesses alike.  We stand behind our product, and we pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service and support.