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How to Apply Slip Zero for Non Slip Floor Tiles

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Slip Zero Treatment Instructions:

Please read and understand all of the instructions before beginning the treatment.

It is important to avoid any contact with the skin when using Slip Zero. Please wear vinyl gloves and clothing that will cover the skin areas. Rubber boots and eye protection should be worn as well. If ventilation is not available in area to be treated use a vapor-safe breathing mask as well.

When opening Slip Zero, plan to keep the opened containers on the surface that is to be treated in case of a spill. Use “needle nose” pliers to remove the plug that is inside the cap.

Before you begin, gather everything you will need to do the job. Items needed include old towels, a tank sprayer or clean bucket and a clean sponge mop. You will need an old tennis shoe for testing the floors. A wet/dry vacuum is optional.

First spread old towels to have a place to set buckets and equipment outside of the area to be treated.

Establishing the “dwell time” -

1. Apply a small amount of Slip Zero evenly over a small test area in an out of the way location.

2. Start a stopwatch to establish the “dwell time” for your tile.

3. Slide the rubber soled shoe on the test area every 30 seconds until any noticeable slip resistance is achieved.

4. Add neutralizer mixture to stop the process and stop the stopwatch.

5. Rinse and dry the test area three times and visually inspect the tile.

6. If reflection has faded, repeat the process in a new test area and reduce the dwell time by 30 seconds.

Treating the floor

1. Start a timer set to the dwell time (established above)

2. Apply Slip Zero evenly across the floor following a pattern that you can retrace later .

3. When the timer goes off stop applying Slip Zero and return to the starting location.

4. Start the timer again set to the dwell time.

5. Apply the neutralizer along the same path that you applied the Slip Zero, and at the same speed.

6. When the entire area is covered with neutralizer, use a mop to pick up liquid.

7. Rinse and dry 3 times.

8. Repeat steps 1-7 if you have more area to cover.


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