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Five Tips for Slippery Floors in Restaurants

You've spent a fortune on non skid shoes trying to keep your employees safe, but did you know there are a few great tips that can create non slip floor tiles, affordably and easily?Food preparation and dining areas are notoriously slippery in restaurants due to grease buildup that occurs. Daily routines that are designed to combat [...]

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Stained, Discolored Travertine Deck

Travertine is a natural stone that is porous enough to trap contaminates and can become discolored, if not sealed. Fortunately, discolored or stained travertine can be cleaned and restored to its original beauty. The right contractor can grind and polish discolored travertine to bring back that unique bright stone that you originally installed! A Google search for [...]

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What Can Be Done About Slippery Sealed Concrete, Stone, or Tile?

Hard surfaces that are sealed with a sealer present an unforeseen slip hazard in areas where water might be present. The coefficient of friction on a typical sealant (when wet) is far lower than ADA recommendation of .6. That being said, sealing these surfaces is often necessary to prevent premature wear of the surface, and also [...]

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Order Up! 3 Ways Restaurant Managers Keep Employees Safe

If you own or manage a restaurant or food service operation, you understand what it means to deliver a quality product in an often frantic, high paced environment. But sometimes such a hectic setting can be the scene for errors and accidents that can be harmful or even costly to your operation.Maintain the service customers expect from your [...]

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Banish Burnishing, Forever!

Advanced floor coatings like Silcote AS can improve slip resistance, reduce maintenance costs, and deliver that freshly burnished look without the upkeep.Silcote AS is an easy to work with two-part coating, which is extremely tough, and has excellent chemical, UV, abrasion, solvent, and stain resistance. Silcote AS is compatible with standard walk behind mechanical cleaning equipment and gentle cleaners with soft bristle [...]

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Why Business Owners, Managers Shouldn’t Skimp on Safety

When it comes to putting money back into the company, many business owners and management members neglect a valuable investment – workplace safety.Implementing a safety plan for your business is conducive for a productive and healthy workforce; not adhering to one could affect the livelihood of the entire organization. According to OSHA, occupational injuries cost businesses approximately $170 billion. If [...]

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Slippery Polished Porcelain Tile

Treating slippery polished porcelain tile is simple, affordable and your non slip floor tiles will last for decades. Because of the minerals within the surface, you can treat polished porcelain with Slip Zero to turn that slippery, polished porcelain into anti skid tile. Slip Zero chemically reacts with these minerals creating a microscopic abrasion or etch which cannot be seen with [...]

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Treating Slippery Rugs

Among our line of amazing non slip products is a solution for rugs that slide or move when walked on. GripCoteUltra bonds directly to the rug backing providing a more permanent fix for sliding rugs than conventional solutions such as non skid pads. When cured, GripCoteUltra creates a soft flexible film that will not transfer to or stain the flooring material. [...]

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Non-Slip Restaurant Kitchen Floors

We’ve talked with thousands of restaurant owners who have slip hazards due to grease, oil, and food waste in the kitchen. These contaminants are notorious for causing a slip and fall accident, but they can be eliminated by following our tips on how to clean a restaurant kitchen floor.In most cases, simply cleaning the floor with the appropriate [...]

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Slippery Tile in Commercial Property

You can treat slippery tile to improve the coefficient of friction without changing the look of the tile. The process is simple, permanent, affordable, and the tile is ready for use immediately after treating. Our tile treatment formula is available in three concentrations to suit any tile, from the most reflective polished surfaces to the hard working commercial [...]

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