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The value of a slip and fall case is determined not only by the injuries that are involved but also by the area of the country that the accident took place in. Some cities give much higher awards than others.The value of a slip and fall depends on many things such as the facts of [...]

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If you have a slip and fall accident here are some things that you should do.

At Slip Resistant Solutions our entire business is about avoiding slip and fall accidents. We sell products to help avoid slip and fall accidents.There are some things that will need to be done right at the time of the accident. First, of course, is to seek the medical help that is needed. Also, it would [...]

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Searching for the Safest Non Slip Socks?

What are soft on top, have a rough tread on the bottom and are designed to prevent harmful slip and fall accidents? If you think you know what wonderful wardrobe addition we’re referring to, you’re right! They are non slip socks.Thought to be an affordable way to keep people of every age safe from slippery floors in the home, [...]

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Non Slip Garage Floor Coatings for Business

From the multi-tiered parking complex to a small parking garage, safety measures applied to this commonly trotted on slab of concrete are an essential part of your business’ overall safety plan.Providing your employees and customers a safe parking space is just as important as a hospitable experience within the doors of your operation. Year round weather brings rain, sleet, [...]

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Slip and Fall, High Cause of Days Away From Work

How much has your business lost to days away from work caused by workplace injury? I dare you to run the numbers. This silent profit killer is present in every workplace environment in the world. Each and every workplace safety study indicates slip and fall incidents as one of the leading causes of employees missing work due [...]

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Why Use a Neutralizer When Treating Slippery Tile?

Treating slippery tile is a simple and effective option, which will deliver long-lasting results. While there are other anti slip tile treatment products out there, our Safety Floor Treatment is the only product engineered to do this without compromising the looks of your floor.Our proven process for creating non slip floor tiles or stone involves the use of a [...]

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Facilities Services Professionals Find a Solution to Slippery Surfaces

Does your facility have an area that requires special attention under wet conditions? Do you place yellow signs and rugs throughout the problem areas within your facility? Do you spend a fortune on non skid shoes for your employees? These practices have been in use for decades, but have done little to impact the alarming statistics on slip and [...]

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Customers Complaining of Slippery Floors?

We hear it every day. Your customer just called to tell you that the new tile you just installed for them is slippery. They want you to do something about it. Whether the situation is hostile or you just want to help these folks, you do have options.Tile that is unsealed can be chemically treated with our [...]

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Offer a Safe Hotel Experience for Employees, Guests

As a hotel owner or manager, you know it takes many hands to keep your well-oiled machine chugging along. From the constant coming and going of hotel guests to the staff busily working, you have a lot on your mind. Leave the worry about hotel guest and employee anti slip floor safety behind. You can keep your operation [...]

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Two Options to Treat Slippery Entryways

Entryways represent one of the most dangerous areas for slip and fall related injury. Designed for tracking in rain or snow from the outdoors, these areas typically employ hard surface flooring options such as tile, stone, hardwood, or vinyl. These surfaces are notoriously slippery when wet, but they can be treated in one of two ways to [...]

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