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You Can Have Non Slip Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile dresses up a kitchen, bathroom or showroom like nothing else but it's a slip and fall accident waiting to happen. Worry no more! Now you can enjoy its beautiful style and have slip resistant tiles, wet or dry, with Slip Resistant Solutions' easy-to-use ceramic tile floor treatment, Slip Zero. One gallon treats up to [...]

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Concrete Sealer Non Slip

Businesses and homeowners are looking for a clear non slip concrete floor paint or a product that can be used to make these concrete floors safe. They are looking for a product that they can apply to their own concrete to make it safe whether it is wet or dry. The best, clear non skid [...]

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How To Treat A Tile Floor To Be Non Slip

The above video will tell you how to make the floor non slip. It covers all of the materials needed and it goes through the process step by step. When you receive your products, you will also get a full set of written instructions. THE FOLLOWING ARE SOME IMPORTANT THINGS YOU WILL NEED TO KNOW.1. [...]

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Slippery Situations

Have you ever walked across a floor that looked normal but suddenly you felt your feet going out from under you? Slippery Situations in the Home:We have products for many floor types. If you have any of the following types please follow the link to your page. (These floor surfaces require a special product)fiberglasswoodcultured marble (man [...]

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Treat Slippery Wet Tile

Slip Resistant Solutions has been treating slippery wet tile since 1981. Over that period of time we have perfected the methods of improving wet floor safety by treating all different slick floor types with the right product.Slip Resistant Solutions offers TWO different types of non slip floor treatment. Both product types are designed so that [...]

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Non Slip Sealer Application

If you have a silicon sealer or a wax on the surface this will need to be removed. SolidStepCote can be applied by foam brush, roller (1/8” nap) or low pressure airless spray equipment (HVLP spray systems and a 0.025 inch tip). A gallon of SolidStepCote can provide protection over approximately 350 square feet depending [...]

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Bath Tub Stickers and Anti Slip Bathtub Treatment

Bathtub stickers and bathtub decals can help with bathtub safety and slip resistance. However, they are not a permanent solution. Bathtub anti slip stickers are a temporary way of controlling slip and fall accidents.. The bathtub decals eventually peel off and are hard to clean as well. Both bathtub stickers and anti slip stickers will discolor, deteriorate [...]

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How to Fix Slippery Swimming Pool Decks

Any wet surface has the potential to create a slip and fall accident if the coefficient of friction is not above the standard as identified by the Americans with Disabilities Act of a 0.60. Wet pool decks are a special hazard because they are very slippery when they are wet. Swimming pool decks can come in many [...]

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Slip and fall injury lawyers are looking for clients

A slip and fall injury is a type of personal injury that occurs when a dangerous condition causes a person to trip, fall and injure themselves while on another person's property.Common slip and fall injuries include those resulting from spilled liquids on floors in retail establishments like cafes and grocery stores. Most floors in commercial [...]

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What is premises liability?

Premises liability law provides that the owner of a property (as well as the owner's employees) has the responsibility to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition.This means that a property owner must keep his or her premises clean and safe from various hazards. A grocery store owner has the responsibility to clean up [...]

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